Biography - About The Members

NERVE ZERO was formed in 2014. Since then, the band has undergone several lineup changes.

The band sticks to a Melodic death metal style and incorporates old school as well as modern nuances in their Music.

Band Founding members, Kevin Kirkland on Lead guitars and Bronze Young on Rhythm guitar, both hail from 90’s Metal Legends, Gutted Remains. After several years of limbo, the two members decided they missed the band life and started writing songs and looked for more band members.

Chelsea Mulock-Bentley is on Bass guitar and is also the current bassist for Omentum.

On drums is Antonie “Apocalypse” Welch.

The latest addition, Alec Larsen (Surdus, Omentum) heads up the front-man Position on vocals.

Nerve Zero released their debut album, “Torture Chamber” in 2018 and have since gained a lot of interest worldwide. They have performed at all major Local Metal festivals including Krank’d Up in 2018.

 The band is hard at work writing new material and plan on releasing their second album in 2020.