Meet the Band






NERVE ZERO are NO strangers to the music industry. All are seasoned musicians and formed NERVE ZERO in 2007. NERVE ZERO have decided to follow the true path of METAL, and go with a more aggressive sound, but will still remain melodic. Founding Band Members, Kevin (Lead) and Bronze (Guitar) both hail from metal legends GUTTED REMAINS (Circa 1995-2001).

Christa Lacrabere has replaced Kimberly King on Vocals.  Christa has been in previous bands Adamantium & Hasreglaive. We are proud to have an even more brutal and energetic “Front Lady” in the family.

Jaz De Wet also recently  joined the ranks on Bass. Jaz also plays in State Dependency, which happens to be one of Nerve Zero’s favourite South African Metal Bands.

NZ can get back to what they do best…..making extreme Metal with a truly unique twist.   The term “Nerve Zero” is the name of given to cranial nerve fibres in the brain that detect sexual pheromones and are known as the “SEX SENSE”, which is the secret to our subliminal sexual attraction.

As you will see, NERVE ZERO are able to entice fans with toe tapping tracks that your mother in law would approve of (God forbid), but can also smack you dead center in the face with a hard brand of metal that will leave you rather “gobsmacked”. All in all, NERVE ZERO have arrived and South African Extreme music will never be the same again…..